What is God’s Will

There is a starting point. There are a dozen twists and turns. Some of these turns lead to dead ends. Some of these twists lead back to the beginning. There’s only one way to get to the finish. What is it? A maze.

Much of time, when we think of God’s will for our life it feels like entering a maze. With no precise direction, we have to feel our way through life and hope for the best. We hope, that at some point, we will reach God’s intended destination -whatever it is. But is this how God’s will is intended to be?

Actually, the general idea of a maze isn’t that inappropriate. But having no clear direction, and not knowing the finish line isn’t. God has given us a map of the maze and has told us what the finish line is. We do not have to stumble through life trying to figure out God’s will. God has shown us His will for many things and it includes you. We discover it in the Word of God, known as, The Holy Bible.

Part One: God’s Will For Salvation

Part Two: God’s Will For His Glory

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