Mahtabeen Hossain

Here are few updates on Milli:

Milli turned 9! Sadly, her mom couldn’t do much for her birthday and her dad wouldn’t come by that weekend. But we had a great time that Saturday and Sunday at the movies, park, Church and BK! Please pray for their family. The recent divorce is toiling on her and we can see the confusion. She needs direction. Pray also, that if she does not as of yet know Christ -as it is sometimes hard to tell -that she would come to know Him. Thanks for your prayers and support Barbara!



Otherwise known as Milli, this little girls family is from Bangladesh. They speak Bengali. Her birthday is on June 13th. Milli has an older sister named Mahi. Her mother and father recently divorced. Her mother works at Dunkin Donuts and Milli only sees her father occasionally. The sadness and confusion are evident.

Milli is a gentle and quite girl. She is well behaved, for an eight-year-old, soon to be nine. But she also has another side, she can come out of her shell and be loud, fun, and funny. She’s sweet and kind and unique. I love both sides of Milli!

Please pray that God would comfort her through this difficult time. Pray that she would grow in her understanding of Jesus Christ as Lord. Pray that she would be able to balance the difficulties later in life, of being a Christian, in a family that is not. Pray for her mother. Pray that our ministry would bring comfort to her as we tell her and show her, the love of Jesus!

We will post more pics and an update in about a months time!

Milli at the park (right)
Milli at McDonald’s
Milli at Santa Fe Mall
Milli with her friends