Jaewoos Man

Otherwise known as “Tan”, this young boy is 10 years old. His birthday is Nov.11, 2005. His family is from Korea. Sadly, his dad is nowhere to be found; and he, along with his two sisters, are usually home alone as their mom waits tables at a local diner. They have no car, so they walk everywhere.

Nevertheless, Tan is full of energy, adventure, and imagination. He is a bit dangerous, though. I’ve seen him playing with everything from sharp metal objects to soft teddy bears. And he never ceases to amaze me during our lessons by his memory and carefree intelligence. When I think of Tan, I think of a “scary-smart-silly kid”.

Pray that he would learn simple manners, etiquette, and patience. The lack of supervision and parenting may destroy an otherwise cool genius who loves to create. Pray that we would help him learn these things. Pray for his salvation, as he is growing up in an ungodly world.

We will keep you updated with pics, posts, and prayer requests on a monthly basis!

Tan (on the right)
Tan Acting Silly.

Tan (laying down)
Tan Singing
Tan Racing!