Crisis Advocate

We Are Temporary Closed. However, Messages Can Be Sent To The Email Address Listed Below! For Extreme Cases, We Will Have A Volunteer Contact You, Concerning Your Crisis. The Future Is Never Certain, But It Is Our Hope That The Crisis Line Will Re-open In January. Details About The Crisis Line Are Listed Below.

Action Planing, Counsel, and Coach

• Utility Emergency  

• Rent Emergency

• Homelessness

• And More

How We help?

• Giving Experienced Advice

• Finding Resources Near You

• Created A Step By Step Action Plan For You To Implement

• Continued Guidance Along The Way

• Spiritual Support And Prayer

Are you looking for financial assistance? It’s out there. Yes. But resources are few. Nine times out of ten, you are on your own. But that doesn’t mean you are without options! There is a way! Whether you are late on utilities, rent, homeless, or in a similar crisis, I can give informational tools and resources to help. The longer you delay, the worse it will get. God can help you! There’s  practical wisdom, insight into legal processes, resources, and rights that you need to know. 

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