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Acrostic: Caring 

C Consideration: when I care about someone, I will invest time into thinking about them, and their needs, with a positive perspective; I will pray for them, in love.  A Application: when I care about someone, I will look for opportunities to serve them willingly -not under compulsion.  R Redemption: when I care about someone,… Continue reading Acrostic: Caring 


A Sheep Named Sheldon 

Sheldon wasn’t the smartest sheep in the fold. One winter, when it was abnormally cold, he had multiple troubles. First, he got an infection in his leg. To deal with it, he chewed on it profusely. The itching was horrible. Now, partially injured, Sheldon got another bright idea: maybe it was a bit warmer up… Continue reading A Sheep Named Sheldon 


An Explanation Of Book One, Chapter Six, Of The Confessions Of St. Augustine.

What if someone told you, that every thought; that every word; that every deed; that every emotion; that every motive, for everything you have ever done, was Idolatry? Would you laugh? Would you scorn? Or, would you consider? I pray that this would be your response today. Consider with me…

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Do I Have A Free Will?

“As the salt flavors every drop in the Atlantic, so does sin affect every atom of our nature.” –Charles Haddon Spurgeon Some call it “Radical Depravity”. Others describe it as “Moral Inability.” In short, Total Depravity refers to the effect of the fall in the garden. It describes how sin has corrupted the whole Man -heart,… Continue reading Do I Have A Free Will?

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God’s Justice | That’s Not Fair

Her mother began backing out of the space in the grocery store parking lot. In the back seat, a little girl is strapped in, arms folded, with a snotty look on her face. “That’s not fair,” she cries. Her mother refused to buy her candy. Especially after how she behaved in the grocery store. She… Continue reading God’s Justice | That’s Not Fair


The Paradox Of Spiritual Blindness

In the Gospel of John, chapter nine, we read the story of a man born blind. Now a grown man, Jesus found him begging in the street. Approaching the man, He knelt down, spit in the dirt, made mud, put the mud on the blind man’s eyes and told him to wash it off in… Continue reading The Paradox Of Spiritual Blindness


To Kill Or Not To Be Killed, That Is The Question

What does the Bible say about Capital Punishment? Does a government have the right to administer the death penalty? And as a Christian, should we be for or against it? No government is perfect. History has proven that governments often become tyrannical and abusive. However, there have been governments that have gone down in history… Continue reading To Kill Or Not To Be Killed, That Is The Question