Three Lies Commonly Told About The Bible

You have undoubtedly heard remarks about the Bible –some good and some bad. A conversation with a co-worker drifted into religion; a family member mentioned the subject of faith, or you saw a documentary about the Bible on television. You’ve been left with questions and serious doubts. Can the Bible be trusted? Is it historically accurate? Is this all just some fairy tale? For some of you, this may be familiar territory. Others may be looking for a defense against the critics of their Christian faith. Maybe you’re just a new Christian looking for short answers. Hopefully, this study will be beneficial for all of you.


1. “The Bible is written by men, thus no different from any other ancient or religious literature ”.

2.“The Bible is full of errors and cannot be trusted”.

3.“The Bible is outdated and no longer applies today”.

Part One: Refuting The First Lie

Part Two: Refuting The Second Lie

Part Three: Refuting The Third Lie

Part Four: Conclusion