What You Have Always Wanted

Peace: when all troubling thoughts are forgotten because of an all-satisfying contentment. 

Fear comes from spiritual drought: we watch the dry air scorch the land. Troubling thoughts arise because we see it. The land, and we, will die… Even more, we fear the arrival off an unexpected fire; ending the momentary happiness of our small harvests’. Sooner or later, the wildfire strikes. Instead of running, we say, “let us eat and drink for tomorrow die” (Isa. 22:13b)…

God’s peace says something else, “There’s another land that belongs to Me.” The Keeper says, “the Harvest is coming: Come!” (He’s calling up The Harvest). 

Some of us hear. Therefore, we say, “I shall not want.” Just as the previous fear was real, so is this confidence. It buds out of our faith in the Voice, of… a, Shepherd??? Bewildered by the unexpected tone of a Shepherd’s Love, we leave the wasting land -even at it’s harvest -and follow Him.

By the sound of the Voice, we are persuaded, that, the two Voices come from One. The distant shout springs into a prosperous joy within us; the ever-present call of the Shepherd, blossoms into peace: “I will never leave you nor forsake you” (Heb. 13:5).

We used to fear losing everything, even our lives. And this is real fear. What’s so scary, is that, there’s one thing we cannot lose: our soul. To imagine our soul being empty and destitute of all joy and peace and love, forever, is the deepest, blackest pit imaginable. Who could even think of such a place? Yet, in our own way, and at appointed times, we can’t escape the thought of it.

But now, as we are led by the Great Shepherd, we know: as He is, so shall we be. The Lord is our Keeper. He loses nothing, therefore, we shall not fear. As we journey to a new land, we find rest and refreshment under our Shepherd’s watch. We are secure. And so, we hope: there is a joyous and certain expectation that we will soon arrive at His destination. A final destination. And suddenly, we do. 

There, we see the Keeper of the land. The Shepherd calls out to His Father, “the Harvest has come!” And He says, “Yes. Come!”

Only then, do we realize, that we are the Harvest. “Yes! He has Called. And we have come”. We have obtained that which He has promised… Peace: all troubling thoughts are forgotten because of the all-satisfying contentment, forever with Him.”