Ministry Notice!

For the next six months, I will be taking a [kind of] sabbatical. The past two years have been busy, strenuous, and tiring while on mission through ministry. For the time being, I will be focusing on my family, school, studies, and health. 
I am in the process of training someone to run our crisis hotline, so I will not be running the phone. As well, our youth activities will change. All our youth are invited to join activities that are hosted through New City Church Atlanta. I will keep everyone posted. 

I will periodically post articles, Bible studies, videos, and music on website. These will include my studies at Metro Atlanta Seminary. Also, I may open a private forum, called, “Believers Confessions”. It will be a place for men to share confessional testimonies of an hour, day, week, month, or season. It’s purpose will not be to recount sin, but to express one’s deepest “spiritual” “thinking” and “feelingings” – while going through trials, or temptations. If the Lord Wills it, this forum will be private: set up in such a way, that, not even I, but only those whom you permit can read and share particular posts. Individuals will have to submit a written testimony of coming to faith and experience with Christ. Please pray. 

In addition, please pray for a time of recuperation and blessings with my family. Pray that our family would become deeply rooted in and strong and steady faith. This should prepare us for another season of mission in ministry. 

We still have minor ministry costs, so, if you would like to donate, please do. Donations support our general costs. If you would like to donate to support my theological studies in seminary, it is still tax deductible. As well, please pray and consider making a generous donation at the end of the year. This will help us launch into the next year with a good start! 


Jonathan Michael Dean


cell: 404-468-7611

Hotline: 404-468-2020

P.O. Box 561, Dacula, GA. 30019