Check Out What Has Happened The Past 90 Days

Youth Ministry

What We’ve Done:
12 youth group activities; 12 group visits to Sunday Church; 7 small group/individual mentorship activities; 4 youth preaching/teaching opportunities.

Multiple commitments to follow Jesus; 2-3 expressed desires to enter full-time ministry when grown up; evident growth and maturity among all.

Mercy Ministry

What We’ve Done:
Advocated for 30-40 families/individuals with finding shelter, treatment, and housing (including transportation for multiple individuals); over 100 hours of counseling one on one and over the phone with the homeless, drug addicted, crisis intervention, and distraught families; 20-30 personal letters to prisoners along with Bible study materials.

2 very clear first time commitments to follow Jesus; multiple renewals of faith; dozens of encouraged individuals and comforted families; we are partnering with the Atlanta Community Foodbank (beginning this summer) to launch our emergency food delivery ministry!

Media Ministry

What We’ve Done:
Launched our ministry website and Facebook page; written and produced dozens of bible study materials, articles, and videos.

We have reached 37 nations with gospel content through our website: Puerto Rico, Bulgaria, Brazil, Philippines, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Mozambique, Chile, Thailand, Columbia, United Kingdom, Mexico, Latvia, South Korea, Malaysia, Jordan, Togo, Singapore, Indonesia, New Zealand, Greece, Spain, Romania, United States, Australia, Ireland, Kenya, Canada, Norway, Turkey, Finland, Honduras, South Africa, India, and Taiwan.

Evangelism Ministry

What We’ve Done:
In all of our ministries -personal and group -the gospel house been faithfully and thoroughly proclaimed; launched multiple internet campaigns that reached thousands (one of which generated a fiery biblical discussion in the comments section); planning our first college evangelism day for the month of May and our first street evangelism for the months of May/June.

Multiple commitments to Jesus and renewals.

General Ministry Accomplishments and Praises:
We have received a couple generous donations over the past ninety days -one for 1,500 dollars; food donations from Chick-fil-A, Burger King, and Riverside Pizza; were granted our official 501(c)(3) status; joined a national homeless shelters directory for homeless advocacy, and have begun the initial stage with partnership with the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

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  1. Hello, Jon. My name is Sharon Borror. I’m a friend of your mother from Woodside Bible Church in Troy, MI. My husband and I head up the Prisoner’s Family Fellowship at Woodside. We have enjoyed your mother’s participation with us for several years and have prayed for you. We will continue to pray for you and this ministry, which is, by the way, awesome. Please don’t get discouraged. If God wants this ministry to succeed, you need to do the best you can and leave it in His hands. I will pass along a prayer request to our prisoner family group and ask them to faithfully pray for you. I will pass along this website, as well. I will tell them they can come on this website and ask for your help/counsel. I will also make the financial need known to them. It is obvious you have a real love for Jesus and a real desire to serve Him. Keep trusting Him, Jon. God bless you.

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