Bible Lessons

This Weekend’s Activities…

Saturday, Feb.13th.

Venture Cinema and fellowship:

We will be going to Venture Cinema this Saturday. The bus will be leaving Cherokee around 12:15 pm. The cost of a ticket is 3 dollars. If you are unable to afford the cost let me know, or have your child speak with me one on one. The movie may or may not be PG-13. We ask for you parental permission. We will show discretion and not watch a horror movie, or one that is clearly to explicit for younger children. If I do not get any disapproval, I will assume this is okay. Also, your whole family is welcome to join us. We will be arriving at Venture Cinema around 12:45 and choosing a movie. If your whole family would like to join, contact me and we will meet at the front of the theater.

Sunday, Feb.13th

Emmaus Church and Lunch

Join us for worship on Sunday. It is a 30-minute drive, but well worth it. Bring the whole family. The bus will be leaving Cherokee at 10:15 am. 15-20 seats are available and I need to know who will be joining. After Church, we will be going to McDonalds or another low-cost fast-food establishment. Please send along lunch money if you are able, if not, let me know, or have you child speak with me one on one.