Bible Lessons

Where Does God Want Me To Work?

2:15 Then the LORD God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to tend and keep it.

God’s Vocational Will

God placed man in the garden and gave him a vocation. Not only was he to care for and have dominion over the animals, he was to take care of the garden. His job was to tend and keep it. Adam was God’s Gardener. Being in the image of God, he had a specific purpose. God placed him in a habitation that was suited perfectly for his life’s work.

God has a will for your work. He has an environment suitable for your God given skills. Discovering your life’s vocation is one of the most important tasks of your life. Whether a builder or baker, software programmer or school teacher, homemaker or businessman your vocation has equal purpose and value. Without your labor, someone will suffer.

But discovering God’s Will for your work is only half the journey. Discovering how you can give Him glory through your work is what fills it with eternal meaning. God has made you for the purpose of serving Him through your talents. To display His skill in creating you, not your own.

First, review the natural skills and talents that God has placed in you. Pray and ask Him what field would be best suited for them. This may take a few tries and may vary with time and experience. But God has a Will for a specific vocation in your life. He will show you.

Second, Glorify God in your vocation. How can you do this? It’s simpler than you think. Ministers are not the only people that glorify God in their work. Anyone who follows Christ in obedience to His commands within their vocation can equally glorify God.

  1. Acknowledge that though you are working for yourself or an employer, that ultimately you are working for God. “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men” (Col.3:23). This will affect your attitude permanently. It will cause you to work more diligently and honestly, knowing that even though your boss may not be around, that God is watching. And that ultimately, your paycheck comes from Him, not your employer. It may also have an opposite affect. You may be working with an employer that demands you to work in an ungodly way. They may ask you to lie or cheat. Acknowledging that you first work for God may mean that you have to quit. In a case like this, God gets glory in and through you as you display His righteousness in you work.
  2. Acknowledging that your work is a service to humanity, not a paycheck. Every job has a meaning. Without stay-at-home mothers, large families would fall into disorder and there would be successive damage to coming generations. Without police officers, crime would be uncontrollable. Without cooks, we would starve. Without waste management, we would stink. Without fast food workers, we wouldn’t be able to eat easily on busy work days. Everyone contributes to society. Don’t let society define how much your work is worth. Before God, your work is important.

Glorifying God in your vocation begins with the attitude of your heart. Are you working for God or Man? Are you serving humanity or self? Discover God’s vocation for you life. Work for His glory. And serve for the benefit of humanity. Love Christ in and through your work!