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Acrostic: Caring 

C Consideration: when I care about someone, I will invest time into thinking about them, and their needs, with a positive perspective; I will pray for them, in love.  A Application: when I care about someone, I will look for opportunities to serve them willingly -not under compulsion.  R Redemption: when I care about someone,… Continue reading Acrostic: Caring 


A Sheep Named Sheldon 

Sheldon wasn’t the smartest sheep in the fold. One winter, when it was abnormally cold, he had multiple troubles. First, he got an infection in his leg. To deal with it, he chewed on it profusely. The itching was horrible. Now, partially injured, Sheldon got another bright idea: maybe it was a bit warmer up… Continue reading A Sheep Named Sheldon 


They’re Hiring!!!

Dunkin Donuts  5910 Jimmy Carter Blvd. Suite B, Norcross, GA 30071 This location is opening soon! We have spoken to the owner/operator. They need (up to) 20 new employees. They understand that people make mistakes, and are willing to work with individuals who may be worried about such issues. Nothing is guaranteed, of course, but… Continue reading They’re Hiring!!!


Ministry Update

Happy Holidays! On behalf of New Reformation Ministries, our family and board wish the community a Joyful Christmas.  This season of recuperation has been beneficial to myself, my family, and the ministry. One, there are many life lessons that we are still absorbing, and reflecting on. Also, a greater focus on my family was necessary. … Continue reading Ministry Update


The Law And The Christian

Old Testament Survey Assignment #5 Three weeks felt like three months; time took on a whole new meaning. The walls were an impenetrable fortress. Tick tock, tick tock. When will it end? Juvenile Detention was a nightmare. He hated it. Freedom was the only solution. And, eventually, that freedom did arrive. But guess what this… Continue reading The Law And The Christian